Peace treaty between Affliction and UFC falls apart

MMAWeekly is reporting that the UFC and Affliction entered negotiations to bury the hatchet starting a month ago, but things got ugly and now a war of words has begun.

Someone simply called 'T-Shirt Guy' was a guest with Scott Ferrall on Sirius Radio and went on the offensive when Ferrall asked if the UFC was attacking Affliction's business model:

"They threaten us personally which is hilarious. Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta they're tough guys. They're old school mafia guys or wanna-be old school mafia guys. Their grandfather built their business. They're nothing. They put (Station Casinos) $5 billion in debt. They're in big trouble right now. They're going out of business in February, guaranteed. Lorenzo Fertitta ... kiss my (expletive) ass (expletive)."

Click below to listen to the Ferrall discussion with 'T-Shirt Guy' about Affliction v. UFC - NSFW (Sirius Radio):

The Ferrall Show declined to give the name of the character interviewed. Ferrall definitely gave the impression that the angry guest was a reprensentative of Affliction Clothing. MMAWeekly is reporting that Affliction co-owner Todd Beard did flip out recently during a phone conversation on Monday with UFC officials as discussions went south.

UFC president Dana White took notice of the interview and called out Ferrall during his UFC 90 video blog. Part two of the Ferrall/Tshirt guy discussion will be posted soon.

Audio courtesy of Sirius Radio

Photo via Las Vegas Review-Journal

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