Peabody ducks: 'Penn and Sanchez are REALLY weird'

Before yesterday's UFC 107 press conference, BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez took part in the Peabody Hotel's famous duck march, where ducks get to ride an elevator down from the roof, and go into a fountain.

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Afterwards, Cagewriter got an exclusive interview with the ducks:

Cagewriter: What was it like riding in the elevator with two guys who will be fighting for a title this weekend?

Ducky: AWKWARD! Did they really have to stare each other down like that the entire time? The fight isn't for a few days. Ease up boys.

Rubber: Diego kept agreeing with every quack I made. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" It was so weird.

Ducky: I don't know. Isn't BJ the one who talks about licking his opponents blood of his gloves?

Cagewriter: He did it once.

Ducky: Ewww! What a bizarre dude. Though, he's not the guy in the UFC we're afraid of.

Well, who is that?

Rubber: No question about it. There is one guy we NEVER want to ride the elevator with.

Cagewriter: Fair enough. So, do you guys have a pick for the fights?

Rubber: BJ's all-around skills are going to be too much for Diego, so I'm picking Penn in a decision.

Ducky: No way! Diego will be the next lightweight champion! YES!

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