The pathetic sex life of a UFC light heavyweight

Poor Stephan Bonnar. The guy is trying to climb back up the light heavyweight contender ladder after 15 months off following knee surgery and he's skewered by the Barbara Walters of the MMA media. As he prepped for UFC prospect Jon Jones, he was grilled by the very sneaky Joyce of RawVegas.

She nailed him. Bonnar let his guard down revealing to thousands that he gets little action from his longtime girlfriend, telling of horror stories of being a tormented teenager and predicting what will be the in thing for 2009 (wo)manscaping.

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It is interesting to hear that Bonnar is one of the few MMA fighters allowed to work at Floyd Mayweather's boxing gym in Las Vegas. He's got an interesting fight on tap against Jones. It's probably a little too soon for this step but Jones does have some intriguing tools in his arsenal.

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