Pat Barry wants help making his sick mom laugh

Maggie Hendricks

UFC heavyweight Pat Barry has probably entertained you in some way. Whether it's in a knockout, like when he knocked out Shane del Rosario in December, or in one of his hilarious videos, the man knows how to keep you entertained. But now he needs your help entertaining someone important in his life.

Barry's mother is in the hospital and doctors can't quite figure out what's wrong. This is taking a toll on the family's spirits, so Barry has turned to his fans. He wants his fans to come up with a short video or photo impersonating his mother. It's not likely that you know Barry's mother, so he's hoping fans come up with what they think his mother is like.

He will make a compilation of the entries, and his mother will choose the best one. The winner will get tickets to a UFC event. Barry has a fight coming up against Shawn Jordan at UFC 161, but he says it doesn't have to be that fight. So, pull out your creative side, make a woman in the hospital laugh, and maybe win tickets to a fight. It's not a bad way to spend an evening.

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