Parisyan with no love lost for Strikeforce

Karo Parisyan is looking for a big time gig again. The Armenian welterweight has been in limbo trying to solve some personal issues. It got so bad back at UFC 106 that he bailed from a fight on weigh-in day and was subsuquently dumped by UFC president Dana White via Twitter.

As a free agent, Parisyan was waiting for a good offer when along came Strikeforce. He met with CEO Scott Coker, who eventually said things simply didn't work out. That's not the impression Parisyan got from their meeting.

"Scott Coker said we had a coffee and it didn't work out. (Expletive)! We had lunch at the Beverly Wilshire," Parisyan told Cage Potato's Mike Russell (1:23 mark). "When I left, he was jumping up and down, so excited to sign me."

Parisyan, 27, mentioned that lawyer/manager Sam Spira and NFL insider Jay Glazer were witnesses.

"He was very happy to sign me and I was very happy to sign with them but they're the most unprofessional I've ever seen in my life. Strikeforce is a very unprofessional organization. (Coker and Strikeforce matchmaker Rich Chou) are great guys but the networks run these shows. Not the show."

Parisyan (18-5, 8-3 UFC) holds out hope that he'll be back with the UFC soon.

"They think different. Even if I fight for Strikeforce and never fight for UFC, god forbid ...they will come nowhere near to the UFC. UFC is the most professional organization, I've ever worked for in seven years."

Parisyan said he spoke with White in the last month or so and claims that he was told that he needed to get a fight under his belt outside the organization. Parisyan is attempting to do in Australia on July 10 at Impact FC.

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