Overlooked Condit has local Las Vegas writer rooting against him

LAS VEGAS -- This week has been all about Nick Diaz and George St-Pierre. There's one problem, they're not fighting at UFC 143. In tonight's main event, Diaz has to beat Carlos Condit to get GSP later this year.

While many on press row may be secretly rooting for the Diaz-GSP megafight, Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal isn't hiding his feelings.

I don't know much about Carlos Condit. Everyone seems to think him a nice guy. Married his longtime girlfriend. Has an infant son. Great mixed martial arts fighter. His father was Chief of Staff to former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. There is nothing wacky about Condit of note.

Which is why I hope he loses tonight.

Ed may seem like a jackass, but he's not. Outside of the Condit family and Diaz haters, it's what most people watching UFC 143 will be rooting for tonight. Along with Chael Sonnen versus Anderson Silva, a Diaz-GSP fight will be one of the most anticipated tilts of the year.

Before you get all huffy over Graney's opinion, read the rest of the story. He may be the only newspaper columnist in the country who actually pens real columns about the sport in the traditional, old-guard media.

He's dubbed St-Pierre "Rain main" because the UFC star said he had demons in his head, just like Diaz. When he tried to explain those demons, he said he's OCD. Not exactly the scariest "demons" out there.

Condit knows the deal. He's the guy in the way of the big show.

"I feel like they're planning that fight before this one has even happened," Condit said (0:49 mark). "That's fine because I have the opportunity to get in there and spoils those plans."

It's just not Condit's nature to lash out or be rude about being overlooked, so he'll have to make everyone pay for disrespecting him through his actions in the Octagon. If that happens, Graney may be hanging his head.

It's nothing personal, but I think most would rather see Rain Man finally fight the crazy guy who talks in tongues.

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