Overeem's next opponent? Not Fedor or Werdum

After Fedor Emelianenko's shocking loss to Fabricio Werdum, Strikeforce said that Werdum would fight Alistair Overeem, the Strikeforce heavyweight champ. That may be Werdum's next bout, but according to our friends at MMA Junkie, Overeem will face Ricco Rodriguez at Dream 15 on July 10 in Japan.

Ricco Rodriguez? Yes, the same Ricco Rodriguez who won the UFC heavyweight belt from Randy Couture at UFC 39 and then lost three times in a row in the UFC. The same Ricco Rodriguez with more than 55 bouts in his career, though he is just short of being 33 years old. The same Ricco Rodriguez who has faced drug and alcohol problems, but who is reportedly clean and sober these days. The same Ricco Rodriguez whose latest wins are over Ken Sparks and Travis Fulton.

If the bout doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone. Overeem was not pleased with the fact that Werdum took away Overeem's shot at being the Fedor-slayer. However, I doubt that taking this fight is an Overeem temper tantrum. My guess is that Dream wanted a marquee heavyweight on its card, and it offered Overeem an enticing pay day.

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