Outsmarting Pulver may not be the gameplan for Faber

There's a reason Urijah Faber is a huge fan favorite. Sure a 13-fight winning streak over three years helps but more important is his approach to fighting. He may be the most entertaining guy in any weight division in mixed martial arts. You want ground skills, good wrestling and submissions, Faber will do it. You like precise striking, crazy kicks and moves invented on the fly, he's got those too. It sounds like you're going to see much of the same this Sunday as he rematches against Jen Pulver at WEC 38.

Faber's last two fights show why he's so likable. He lost the last one to Mike Brown basically because he got a little too risky, tried a crazy reverse elbow and got blasted by an uppercut. Prior to that, he beat Pulver at WEC 34 when he threw caution to wind and slugged it out for five rounds. Sounds about the same. Most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn't. For that reason, Faber said he's not about to change:

"I'm known for letting it all hang loose. I barely missed that elbow," Faber said commenting on the errant shot that led to a knockout loss against Brown. "Live by the sword, die by the sword. It's part of the fight game. On occasion you lose."

Click below to hear Faber talk about his style and gameplanning (ESPNRadio1100):

"The California Kid" took a ton of chances against the hard-hitting Pulver but came out on top winning every round back in June. But he also took his share of blows. The wise approach for Pulver this time around may be to avoid some of that damage on the feet and mix in more takedowns. It's simply not in Faber's makeup to do so:

"I'm just going to go out there and fight. I'm not a huge planner. I just know he's going to be ready to rumble and so will I."

You can listen to Cage Writer's entire interview with Faber here. He talks about why Leonard Garcia took Pulver out so easily after it took him five rounds to win. He also addresses the WEC's snitch Jamie Varner.

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