Osgood interview: Liddell will do well on 'DWTS'

We'll have to wait a few more months to find out what Chuck Liddell's fighting future holds. After dealing with the brutal judges on "Dancing With the Stars," Liddell may welcome getting slugged in the head. Cagewriter was in San Diego covering Chargers training camp and got to sit down with one of Liddell's good friends, wide receiver Kassim Osgood, who has confidence in the former light heavyweight champ's chances on "DWTS":

"The difference is those are moves you can learn, where as having natural rhythm is kind of different," said Osgood, who apparently is a closet "DWTS" fan. "Some of the people who have been on that show were kind of stiff, kind of rigid but they showed progress through the show."

Much of "The Iceman's" fate is in the hands of his partner. Cage Potato points out that it's "some Russian chick."

Once the stint on the show is done, Osgood has a feeling Liddell will come back for at least one more fight. Osgood, 29, and Liddell have been friends since the football player's college days at Cal Poly. Liddell actually came into a combative class as a guest instructor.

Osgood said that NFL locker rooms are full of MMA fans. He also speaks at the end of the conversation about Brock Lesnar's behavior at UFC 100. Trash talk is prevalent in the NFL so Osgood has no issue with Lesnar getting in Mir's face at the end of the fight.

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