Ortiz looking more and more like Bonds

Tito Ortiz is living a nightmare. While he's weighing his options on a new deal, he's sidelined after back surgery until the middle of 2009. Will it be Affliction or UFC? His lousy relationship with UFC president Dana White is well-documented. He's also got off to a bad start with Affliction negotiations. And now Affliction's long-term prognosis is shaky at best.

For a guy who's looking to make top shelf money as a fighter, his negotiating stance stinks. A while back we compared Ortiz's plight to that of Barry Bonds. Bonds' agent actually said in the middle of last season that he would take the MLB minimum. Would Ortiz come back if he wasn't making in excess of $200k per fight?

Yahoo! Sports caught up with "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" around UFC 91 in Las Vegas to talk about his health and future.

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