'Ooh-ah' Fitch isn't the boss so he'll shutup, for now

Jon Fitch is back this weekend. Well, he is for the 14,000 in attendance at the MGM Grand Arena for UFC 94 on Saturday. For those of you at home, your 44.99 doesn't buy you Fitch's fight against Akihiro Gono. He's slated for the non-televised undercard and may not reach the televised portion unless he produces a spectacular result. It seems odd. Fitch just fought Georges St. Pierre for the UFC welterweight title in August and yet no PPV appearance in his next fight? Is this payback for Fitch's highly publicized tiff with the UFC and president Dana White back in November? Fitch isn't thinking about the PPV situation and knows he can't control it:

"I can sit and complain all I want to about stuff but it's not going to do anything and it's not going to change anything."

Fitch was fired by the UFC for a day when he and several other fighters from American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose couldn't come to terms with the organization on rights involving a video game. White flipped out and said he didn't want to work with fighters who were working against the UFC. The rift was patched up the next day and two months later Fitch says he realizes this is the way the real world works:

"I'm sure that everyone out there who's got a job might have ideas that they would change their job and make it better. But they're not the boss, so until I get into a position where I make decisions I gotta keep my mouth shut and just fight."

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Fitch is one of the rare fighters without a nickname. Dave Farra from RawVegas.tv unearthed a good one, "Ooh-ah". After he lost to St. Pierre and got beat up pretty badly on the feet, Fitch realized that he needed improvement in that area so he went to Thailand. While he was there the two-a-days were grueling and he vomited all the time. "Ooh-ah" was the noise he made, so the fighters and trainers at the gym in Phuket starting calling him "Ooh-ah".

You can see Fitch wearing a Purdue wrestling shirt. Purdue has produced a nice stable of MMA fighters including Stephan Bonnar and Jake O'Brien, who both are on this card, as well as WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres.

Fitch does add towards the end of the video that he's rooting for GSP to beat B.J. Penn. He thinks if Penn wins there will be an immediate rematch which means he along with the other welterweight contenders will have to wait a year before challenging for the title.

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