One FC’s Peter Davis is a fighter, model, actor and a ‘Hot Guy Who Cooks’

Maggie Hendricks

Peter Davis is a model, actor, and has worked in finance. He also once worked in finance, and appeared on an Asian television show called, "Hot Guys Who Cook." In addition to those roles, Davis will take his 5-1 record to One FC 7 this weekend, where he will fight Leo Krishna in Kuala Lumpur.

Davis said that fighting, acting and modeling are not as different as you would think.

"I'm in entertainment. In modeling, acting, film, and sometimes I do fighting," Davis told Cagewriter. "It's a bit of a strange thing to do, considering modeling and acting but it's still all entertainment."

He has had runway shows and commercial shoots after fights. When he told agents about fights, they rarely understood what MMA entailed. He has been asked if he wore headgear to fights.

"The agencies are usually quite concerned when I say I'm going to fight. Headgear? Kind of?"

He describes his style of fighting as unorthodox, comparing it to Lyoto Machida.

"If they're looking at me, and they're looking at my fighting style, it's just not very orthodox. I end up with lots of options with my striking. My ground game is quite reasonable. I can roll with brown belts and purple belts, but I'm a stand-up fighter who has the power to knock people out."

Being elusive helps him from getting too beat up in the face, which helps with modeling.

"It's really the modeling style," Davis joked.

The son of a British man and Malaysian woman, Davis started fighting in 2004 in the UK, but retired in 2006. He continued to train, but didn't fight again until the MMA scene heated up in Malaysia, where he now lives. Now, he fights to test himself and see where the fight world will take him.

"I want to see that what I know does work, but to win a title belt would be nice. That would be amazing. It's such a huge event. After that, I don't know what I'd like to do. Whether it's acting, modeling or fighting. I don't want a long and arduous career of being punched in the face. I'd like to do more fights, maybe get a title belt and see where it takes me."

This weekend, it means a bout with Leo Krishna at One FC 7. Check out pay-per-view information here.

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