Olympic gold-medalist Ishii loses debut, proves toughness

As one of the most sought-after free agents, Satoshi Ishii had high expectations going into his debut fight with Hidehiko Yoshida. Though Yoshida prevailed, Ishii showed his potential to move beyond his judo training.

In the first round, Ishii survived a huge punch from Yoshida, and then Yoshida followed up with a beating, throwing knees, uppercuts, punches and still, Ishii survived. His training both from working with American Top Team and Xtreme Couture as well as his experience at the Olympics, sports' biggest stage, served Ishii well. He survived the Yoshida onslaught, but it was still a lost round for Ishii.

In the second, Ishii was controlling the round until he landed a knee to Yoshida's groin. Yoshida took the full five minutes and then some returning to action. He had to have his cup replaced because it had cracked in two. When the action finally continued, Ishii was given a red card, meaning he had lost a point.

In the third, Ishii was dominant, but the point deduction came into play. Yoshida won the decision, but will definitely need many icepacks to the groin as he recovers.

Ishii is only 23 years old, and showed that he is capable of taking a punch and surviving. With good training, he showed that he has limitless potential. Though it was a loss, it was still a good debut for Ishii.

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