Off UFC 137, Nick Diaz speaks his mind via YouTube

Maggie Hendricks

In a matter of days, Nick Diaz went from headlining UFC 137 in the title fight against Georges St-Pierre that he has asked about for years to a much-maligned man without a fight. He did not show up for multiple press obligations, with a no-show at today's press conference in Las Vegas being the breaking point for UFC officials. In what was supposed to be a routine pre-fight press conference, Dana White announced that Diaz was off the card and that Carlos Condit would step in to fight GSP for the UFC welterweight title.

Now, Diaz spoke his mind through his YouTube channel. Be warned that this video contains NSFW language.

Entitled, "Looks like someone didn't want me to win," it's possible that Diaz will spin this as a grand conspiracy to keep the belt in GSP's hands, but it's just not true. Diaz had the opportunity that he has begged for within his reach, but he had to "play the game," as Dana White would say. Show up for media appearances. Talk to reporters. Sell the fight.

Diaz didn't want to do that. Guess what, Nick? Everyone has a part of their job that they hate. Filling out timesheets. Cashing out drawers. Speaking at board meetings. Cleaning counters. Playing politics. For me, it's transcribing interviews. But you do it so that you can do the part of your job that you love and get paid.

Few fighters want to break camp to talk to media, but it's what they do so that they can headline fight cards and walk away with a big paycheck. Fighters have done it before, and they'll happily do it again for the chance that Diaz walked away from.

Instead of filming videos and wondering what happened, Diaz should take a hard look at himself and ask why he sabotages himself when he gets so close to the top of the mountain.

Thanks to Leland Rolling for the heads up.

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