Obama talks sports; roots for Steelers

Nevada is a big swing state in tomorrow's Presidential election. Democratic candidate and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is stumping for votes at the 11th hour. He appeared this afternoon with Cofield & Cokin on ESPNRadio1100 in Las Vegas.

Not only are swing states like Nevada vital to the election but so is tonight's Monday Night Football game between Washington and Pittsburgh. For 15 of the past 16 elections, the Redskins' last home game before the election was linked to the incumbent party remaining in office or the challenger getting the nod.

Obama is well aware of what's on the line:

"Not only do I want the Redskins to lose because of the history of the game but also because Dan Rooney the owner of the Steelers has been one our greatest supporters. This one isn't even close. I apologize to all Redskins fans. I'm going to the Steelers."

Click below to listen to the Barack Obama interview (Yahoo! Sports & ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield & Cokin):

Obama also addresses claims from some of John McCain's supporters that he constantly disrespects the Republican candidate for President. He also addresses the claims that he is a socialist and that his tax plan will take 65% from the nation's highest earners. The senator finishes by making sure listeners know who his true favorites are in the NFL.

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