Obama speaks with Y! about Matt Hughes

UFC fighter Matt Hughes is one of the more outspoken athletes when it comes to his stance on politics. Hughes says that he's voting for John McCain based on two key factors, respect and a tax plan.

Hughes says on his blog that Barack Obama has often disrespected John McCain:

"I want the President to be a good role model, Senator McCain always addresses Barack Obama as Mr. or Senator Obama. Barack always addresses Mr. McCain as John McCain. I like the respect value that Mr. McCain always shows. I dislike that Barack seems to show no respect for Mr. McCain. Barack not putting his hand over his heart during the Pledge also falls under the respect factor."

The former UFC welterweight champ is also concerned about Obama's 'tax plan':

If Obama’s tax plan is what I’ve heard it is, then if you make over $250,000 a year, he is going to take 65 cents for every dollar you make and redistribute that. I’m all for helping people who need help, what I dislike is the government giving money to people who just want to sit around and be lazy and would rather soak up taxpayers’ money instead of going out and getting a job. I think we have enough of that already and those people don’t need anymore help. I would rather choose for myself who my money goes to.

We felt it was important to track down Sen. Obama so he could respond to Hughes. Obama joined Yahoo! Sports for an interview today.

Click below to hear Obama directly address Hughes' statements (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield & Cokin):

You can hear the entire Obama interview here.

It's interesting to hear Hughes talk about respect being a key factor in gaining his vote. Longtime mixed martial arts fans can recall more than a few occasions where Hughes didn't practice what he preaches. Hughes angered many Canadians before UFC 65 when he made the blanket statement that they don't have a warrior spirit and they don't venture to help the world out. Just before the The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale he said Matt Serra isn't a role model for kids. And the capper was badmouthing his friend Tim Sylvia in his book, Made in America.