Now Kimbo Slice wants to box an NFL player?

Kimbo Slice's rise from underground street fighter to network TV star was simply amazing. His fall hasn't possessed the charm, but it seems to have happened just as quickly.

After losing in the first round of the UFC's "Ultimate Fighter" and going 1-1 with the promotion, the man has simply fallen off the face of the earth.

Now we're confused about what he wants to do. Does he ever want to fight again? He's been mum on the topic. His original MMA promoters, The Shaws, continue to push for him to get back in the ring, but we wonder if the latest effort is only making Kimbo look foolish.

Jared Shaw is proposing a ridiculous boxing debut for the former streetfighting king. Shaw told MMAWeekly Radio:

"I'll tell you right now on the air, I've called Mike Riley to get in touch with Ray Edwards' people and I've made an open challenge to come fight Kimbo Slice. That fight I will deliver.

"If Ray Edwards wants to step up and fight Kimbo Slice I will deliver that to the public. There's two guys that come from athletic backgrounds, that haven't been in the ring that many times, so let's see two big boys bang it out. If Ray Edwards thinks he's a great boxer, then maybe he thinks he can go through Kevin Ferguson very quickly."

Edwards is a defensive end with the Minnesota Vikings. Much like Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, Edwards decided to make a little money during the NFL lockout by stepping into the squared circle. He hasn't made his boxing debut yet, but Shaw is calling him out, saying:

"Some people will call it a circus, but you can call it whatever you want. It's two guys who are willing to get in the ring and bang it out. I don't really call that a circus."

The 6-foot-5, 268-pound Edwards is slated to fight this Friday against a former kickboxer named T.J. Gibson.

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