Not a pretty picture: Is it Frye or Guida for Lashley?

Bobby Lashley's second career MMA battle is just over a week away and we're still searching for who his next opponent will be. Ken Shamrock was bounced from the card last week after a positive steroid test. The Orlando Sentinel reported this morning that the senior tour might continue for Lashley with a possible fight against 43-year-old Don Frye (pictured on the left) at Roy Jones' "March Badness". Ariel Helwani from says that it's light heavyweight Jason Guida:

And finally, can exclusively report that Jason Guida (17-19) will replace Ken Shamrock as Bobby Lashley’s (1-0) opponent on next weekend’s “March Badness” pay-per-view.

Guida (pictured on the right) is the older brother of UFC lightweight Clay Guida. He blew his shot at the UFC when he failed to make weight on the The Ultimate Fighter 8. Guida seems a bit small for Lashley. The former WWE wrestler fights around 260 pounds, while Guida is a bloated 215.

Jones faces Omar Sheika in the main event. Roy Nelson and Jeff Monson also meet in a heavyweight MMA fight.

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