Noons' career isn't entirely stagnant

Former EliteXC welterweight champ K.J. Noons may be sidelined awaiting his next fighting gig but his life ain't all that bad. SportsByBrooks unearthed this photo with his main squeeze, who just so happens to be part of something called the Lingerie Football League. Melany Lorenzo has also appeared in Playboy.

It looks like things are still going strong since Noons has a photo of the fine Melany atop his MySpace page. The 24-year-old Venezuelan says she also trains in Muay Thai six days a week. Though she may want to calm down with the talk of Noons' underground poker games. A recent thread on the Underground Forum was asking for the MMA fighter with the "hottest girlfriend/wife", I'll take my chances with Noons and Lorenzo.

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