No Strikeforce fighters to the UFC anytime soon according to Dana White

We're still in "business as usual" mode according to Dana White when it comes to crossover fights between Strikeforce and UFC fighters. So no Nick Diaz versus Georges St. Pierre or Gilbert Melendez against Frank Edgar anytime soon. White spoke with USA Today's Sergio Non:

UT: You seem to be a bit more open to the idea of interpromotional fights if fans want it. Which Strikeforce champ could you see getting first crack at a UFC star?

DW: I'm not in the interpromotional fights now ...

Well, which Strikeforce fighter will we see in UFC?

If guys' contracts expire over there, I can sign them.

But you still wouldn't bring, say, Gilbert Melendez in to fight one of your top guys in UFC?

Not until his contract's up.

White said there is one loophole:{ysp:more}

What if his contract allows it? Scott Coker says there's no contractual impediment to having Strikeforce guys fighting in UFC.

I agree, but we have a contract with Showtime. I could see going that way before I could see guys coming this way.

So the possibility exists that the UFC could send its fighters into Strikeforce to take on the champions on Showtime.

That's still a big help to the smaller MMA company. Strikeforce lacks the depth at 155, 170 and 205 to come up with enough quality challengers for its champions in those divisions, so maybe we see guys like Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Clay Guida, Anthony Pettis, Quinton Jackson or even Tito Ortiz squaring off against Strikeforce champions.

At the end of the interview, White also addressed the recent media credentialing snafu at Strikeforce: Diaz-Daley. Non pushed the issue, but White sounds like he's sticking to his guns.

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