What’s next for UFC champ Chris Weidman?

Maggie Hendricks

After shocking the world by beating Anderson Silva at UFC 162, Chris Weidman's first task was getting his new accessory through security at the airport. They can be sticklers about not wearing a belt through the metal detectors. After getting the belt home, what is next for Weidman?

A layoff: He had surgery in winter, then started preparing for the fight with Silva. He wouldn't likely mind taking a little time to relax and enjoy his accomplishment.

A middleweight contender: Since losing to Silva, Vitor Belfort has four straight wins at middleweight. (His loss to Jon Jones was at light heavyweight.) He's already had two highlight reel knockouts in 2013, and is begging for a title shot on Twitter. Michael Bisping, one of the fighters who was knocked out by Belfort, is also throwing his name in the hat.

A rematch with Silva: Even before their bout, UFC president Dana White said Weidman and Silva would rematch if Weidman won. He didn't change that stance after the fight.

"Anderson Silva has gone undefeated since 2006 and has beat everybody and held the title," White said after Saturday night's fights. "He deserves the rematch. I mean, Chris Weidman said that before he even fought him. Vitor is just going to have to wait.

This fight is so likely that White already has a date in mind. He is considering it for UFC 168 on Dec. 28. Right now, a bout between UFC women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate is scheduled for that card.

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