'Next Anderson Silva' back at home with mom

During the last season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Phillipe Nover set himself apart early. His overwhelming, all-around style helped him walk easily through his competition on the show, and impress the UFC. Dana White called him "the next Anderson Silva," and he was all but crowned the winner of "The Ultimate Fighter."

That was until he lost to Efrain Escudero in the show's finale. Now, while getting ready for his first post-TUF fight against Kyle Bradley, Nover is refocused on fighting, so much so that he's changed his living situation. He rented out his house, and he is back living with his mom.

"It's definitely a spartan lifestyle . . . it's basically just been the life of a fighter - eat, sleep, train. Eat, sleep, train," he said.

Having your mom tell you to wash the dishes or take out the garbage can certainly instill a healthy dose of humility. For Nover, that was absolutely what was needed after the ebullient praise that came his way during "The Ultimate Fighter."

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