What’s next for Anderson Silva?

Maggie Hendricks

On short notice and against a bigger opponent, UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva showed again why he is the world's best fighter.

"I'm not the best. I just do things that people think are impossible," Silva said after the fight. "I'm not going to fight at 205 again. I fought at 205 to save the event."

He said what he's not going to do, but what is going to do next?

Jon Jones -- I want to see this fight. You want to see this fight. UFC president Dana White wants to see this fight. Unfortunately, Silva and UFC light heavyweight champ Jones don't want this fight. Though they may have plenty of cash waved in front of them to do it, you can't force two people into a cage when they have no interest in doing so.

Georges St-Pierre -- This is the fight Silva wants. He wants to take on GSP, the man who has had nearly as long of a reign atop his division as Silva has atop his own. It is problematic, as GSP is nowhere near the same size as Silva. Would it mean GSP would go up to middleweight permanently, vacating his welterweight belt? The UFC could figure it out, but is this the fight fans want?

A middleweight -- Since he is the UFC middleweight champion, it's not crazy to think Silva just may want to fight a middleweight. Perhaps if Chris Weidman gets through Tim Boetsch, or Michael Bisping manages a more impressive win in his next fight, Silva will want to defend his belt again.

Retirement -- USA Today's Ben Fowlkes likened Anderson Silva to a traveling performance artist. His fighting is on a different level, and amazing to watch. However, he is 37 years old, and everyone reaches the end of the road at some point. If the UFC pushes him towards a fight he doesn't want -- say with Jon Jones -- he could walk away.

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