NERDS! Who are MMA's biggest dorks?

One of the reasons why I love mixed martial arts is that you don't have to be of a certain height or body type to do it. With athletes ranging in weight from 135-265 lbs., size is not what determines if you could succeed at MMA, like it does in sports like basketball and football. Because of that, not all fighters are your typical jocks. In fact, some are downright nerds. Here are some of the sports biggest nerds:

Miguel Torres: In this interview with Mouthpiece Sports, the WEC bantamweight champion says that he is a bit of a nerd that grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons. Now he is a video game dork who seeks a gaming sponsorship not for money, but for the chance to test games out.

Joe Lauzon: If he hadn't knocked out Jens Pulver and become a star on the Ultimate Fighter, Lauzon could have made a living as a computer programmer. Instead, he's making a living beating people up as a lightweight in the UFC.

Tamdan McCrory: Looking at McCrory, you would expect that he spends his days in a basement playing Grand Theft Auto IV. At UFC 96, he wanted to walk into his win over Ryan Madigan to a song performed by a fictional death metal band from "Adult Swim." McCrory is unashamed of his overt nerdiness, and that alone is a reason to love the guy. That, and because he rides into fights on his "f***ing thunderhorse."

Dustin Hazelett: Like many fighting nerds, Hazelett (pictured) started with martial arts because he was getting beat up in high school. Now, he does it for a living. I wonder what those high school bullies say about him now that he is quickly climbing up the ladder of the UFC's welterweight division.

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