Nelson says don't be a drunk jackass on TV

The first lightweight is gone from the main field on The Ultimate Fighter 8. Shane Nelson is disappointed but it was certainly better than the fate he expected. Nelson joined forces with TUF8's resident nutcase Junie Browning on a drunken rampage on last night's episode. Nelson tried to push both Efrain Escudero and Roli Delgado to fight him.

Dana White came to the house the next day and read the idiots the riot act. But he did allow them to continue on the show. Nelson says he cleaned up his act. As for Junie, he hints that the madness didn't end:

"This guy's a little off the wall. It multiplies by a 100 when he drinks."

Nelson said it really hit him that guy wasn't sincere about staying out of trouble when he was talking trash and starting a fight with Escudero the day after White nearly kicked Browning off the show:

"What an idiot. I was fearing for my life. I thought I just messed u the biggest chance of my career. There was no way I was going to do it again."


Like many before him, Nelson said the house is like a prison. There's nothng to do and the liquor is like a magnet. He said there were guys on the show who hadn't opened a bottle in six months or a year and even they started drinking.

He also talked about the restraint shown by many of the 205-pounders who were pushed to the brink by Browning. He thought at any moment they could've killed Junie.