National pride gone wrong ... more Pearl Harbor images used at DREAM 14

In DREAM 14 last weekend, the promoters decided to go with a nationalistic theme. The promotion's Japanese fighters' reputation has taken a beating recently with a string of defeats against Americans. So, for some bizarre reason, DREAM decided to mix in images of the attack on Pearl Harbor as a female singer screamed, "Raise your flag!"

You can see the images at 1:27, 1:31, 1:51, 1:57, 2:27 and 3:13. The disturbing video was also featured prominently during the lead-in to the main event between Nick Diaz and Hayato Sakurai. Adding more fuel to the fire, Diaz destroyed Sakurai inside of four minutes. It was also interesting to see Australian announcer Michael Schiavello laugh at the Pearl Harbor images during a Tweet that he sent out Saturday morning.

On the positive side, there is great audio of the inimitable Lenne Hardt belting out the opening intros in her satanic tone (4:43 mark).

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