This must happen: Matt Mitrione and Urijah Faber want to race

Maggie Hendricks

Matt Mitrione is an insanely talented athlete. He played in the NFL, and then made a seamless transition into MMA. Going into his bout this weekend with Cheick Kongo, he is undefeated, and every one of his bouts have been in the UFC. But is he athletic enough to beat a bantamweight in a foot race?

When trying to figure out what position in sports is the most athletic, Mitrione tweeted that he would challenge every UFC belt holder to a forty-yard dash, with nothing but pride on the line. Urijah Faber, the one-time UFC featherweight champ, jumped in and challenged every UFC heavyweight to a timed mile. Mitrione said he would take the challenge.

Oh, please can this happen? Between the trash talk and the idea of Mitrione and Faber competing in anything, this is about as fun as it gets. Is there anyone who wouldn't want to see a heavyweight and a bantamweight in a foot race? If you raised your hand, you clearly don't like fun.

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