Much bigger GSP refuses to look ahead to middleweight move

If people keep telling him that the welterweight division is without quality opponents, Georges St. Pierre might actually believe it. GSP pointed that he's done that once before -- referencing his loss to Matt Serra --and he's looking at Dan Hardy as the toughest opponent of his career. So when he was asked repeatedly

"I don't know what's going to be the outcome of the future," St. Pierre told the media and fans during the UFC 111 press conference in New York City. "Right now, I don't look past Dan Hardy."

The move to middleweight is still a possibility and does make some sense since St. Pierre revealed that he's now going to walk into the cage on Saturday at 192 pounds. That's up from his norm of 184 in the past. That said, 192 on fight night would still make one of the smallest middleweights in the UFC. With prospects on the way, middleweights dropping down and the possibility of Jake Shields in the UFC in the future there will always be "the next hardest fight of his career" right around the corner.

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