Mousasi with easy TKO, Aoki breaks Hirota's arm for win

Gegard Mousasi took his fight with Gary Goodridge at Dream on late notice, but you would never know that from the way he won in Japan.

Mousasi (pictured standing on left) got a quick takedown, and then began with tough ground and pound. Goodridge covered up and held on as best he could, but when he stopped trying to improve his position, the ref stopped the fight and called the win for Mousasi.

Aoki breaks Hirota's arm for win

Shinya Aoki got a takedown early in the fight, and controlled Mizuto Hirota's arm, landing punches on Hirota's exposed face. Aoki then turned Hirota and broke his arm. Hirota could have tapped but didn't, and Aoki was called the winner. Immediately afterward, Aoki gave the middle finger to his opponent with the broken arm. Aoki's win secured the win for the Dream Team over Sengoku, after Sengoku had shot out to an early lead.

Just as with Alistair Overeem, MMA fans have to hope that both Aoki and Mousasi will step up their competition. Mousasi is the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion and won over Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in November in Chicago, and Aoki has shown interest in fighting for Strikeforce. They have both been through the best that Japan has to offer. It's time for them both to step up their level of competition.

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