Morons to remember: the most memorable moments of the Ultimate Fighter

With the "Ultimate Fighter" over, we look back at the moments that stand out the most from this past season. These events are not all the best, as some of these shenanigans are the reason why the show needs an upgrade.

5. The most disgusting episode of any season of the "Ultimate Fighter." The teams traded pranks that involved various bodily fluids, and was the catalyst for many calls to change or scrap the show.

4. The arrival of Stankie. Part boxing coach, part Yoda, part drunk, part old coot, Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz was Nog's boxing coach and purveyor of many bits of wisdom, such as telling his fighters to stay on their feet so they wouldn't have to smell his opponent's farts. Don't ever change, Stankie.

3. Dave Kaplan didn't get knocked out! Except, he did. After drinking a large quantity of alcohol, Kaplan, a lightweight, told his light heavyweight teammate, Tom Lawlor, that it is impossible to knock him out. Kaplan then goaded Lawlor into punching him in the face. Lawlor complied, and though he will deny it to the day he dies, Kaplan was out.

2. Junie Browning starts his descent into reality show infamy. Browning, who won his preliminary fight handily, showed signs of being a real talent early on but then showed us how much he like booze. So much that he got tanked, threw a glass at Kyle Kingsbury, started a fight with Ryan Bader and Krzsysztof Soszynszki and assumed he was going home. When he didn't he went on to jump into the cage after a fight, throw things at Shane Primm, try to sell out one of his teammates, and blame his coach for his loss. Classy.

1. A finale with exciting fights that made up for the disappointing season. The season concluded with bouts at lightweight and light heavyweight that matched up the most promising fighters from the cast. Bader beat the heavily-favored Vinny Magalhaes with strong striking, and Efrain Escudero won in a unanimous decision over Phillipe Nover.

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