Morecraft and McDonald start UFN 24 broadcast with wins

Maggie Hendricks

Christian Morecraft and Michael McDonald started off the UFC's Ultimate Fight Night 24 in Seattle with wins on Saturday night.

McDonald dominated his entire bout before ending in the second round with a submission. After clinching against the fence for what seemed forever, McCorkle finally accomplished a takedown. He gave up his leg which nearly resulted in a lock. Though McCorkle avoided the submission, he lost out on the dominant position and ate some elbows from Morecraft.

In the second, Morecraft started strong by landing a series of punches with McCorkle's back against the fence.  He followed that with a takedown and ground and pound. Morecraft then made the mistake of kneeing McCorkle in the crotch, which gave McCorkle time to recover.  That time didn't help, though, as McCorkle dove for a way-too-high shot. Morecraft grabbed McCorkle's neck, and squeezed tight for a standing guillotine. McCorkle passed out, giving Morecraft the win at 4:10 in the second round.

This was a good rebound for Morecraft, who lost his UFC debut to Stefan Struve. His record is now 7-1, while McCorkle's falls to 10-2. This is his second straight loss in the Octagon.

McDonald, Figueroa impress

After the heavyweights were in the cage, the UFC went to the other end of the spectrum with bantamweights. Michael McDonald and Edwin Figueroa then put on a show with a thrilling decision that ended with McDonald taking the decision, 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

The two started out furiously, throwing every strike a person could dream of. McDonald got the better of Figueroa, a Muay Thai specialist, landing several more strikes. He also showed good defense, ducking below what could have been a knockout kick from Figueroa. McDonald finished the round with one more big shot, dazing Figueroa as he headed back to his corner.

To start the second, Figueroa tried to land a headkick, but McDonald used it for a takedown. Figueroa rolled through for a kneebar, but wasn't able to finish and allowed McDonald to take his back. McDonald sunk in a rear naked choke, but then when that didn't work, he switched to an armbar then a triangle choke. After that, he slapped on a triangle choke/armbar combo. Somehow, Figueroa fought through every submission attempt, then took McDonald's back in the last 1o seconds of the round.

McDonald looked markedly slower by the beginning of the third round. Figueroa found his rhythm, landing punches and elbows until McDonald took him down. Figueroa reversed position, then moved to side control. After standing over McDonald and avoiding upkicks, Figueroa let the fight return to standing. McDonald brought it right back down with a takedown, and landed elbows as the final horn sounded.

Though Figueroa was the loser in the bout, he definitely won fans with his never-say-die attitude and the fact that he took the fight on just six days notice. His record falls to 7-1.

McDonald, who at 20 years old is the youngest fighter on the UFC roster, is now 12-1. Both fighters were making their UFC debuts, and definitely made an impression.

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