More behind-the-scenes work from Dana White’s latest video blog

Maggie Hendricks

UFC president Dana White released another video blog, which looked back at last Friday night's UFC on FX bouts while also looking forward to this Saturday's UFC on Fox 2 bouts. Spend 10 minutes to see Mike Easton giving himself a pep talk before beating Jared Papazian, Pat Barry burst through the curtain to say hello to his victim, Christian Morecraft, and Melvin Guillard try to break down his loss to Jim Miller.

Then, in one those this-is-why-we-love-MMA moments, Guillard walks toward Miller, who is also getting checked out by the doctors postfight. If you didn't know MMA and the relationship between fighters, you might worry that Guillard is headed towards Miller for a touch of revenge. Instead, he hugged his opponent and congratulated him on the win.

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