Mom, the meatloaf!

YouTube is now loaded with MMA "experts" who are laying down their predictions for each event. In 10 years, this character Nunnker will either be the third man in the booth on UFC broadcasts or in his Mom's basement wearing the proverbial sweatpants.

His knowledge and research for the Ultimate Fight Night 15 breakdown is actually very solid. But the video is made by his Mom's cooking. She's burning something in the kitchen and setting off the damn smoke detector. Come on Mom!

Nunnker brings back memories of Will Ferrell's classic character in Wedding Crashers, Chazz Reinhold.

Nunnker is just living the dream. He makes a good pick with the upset by Clay Guida over Mac Danzig. He also gives some good background UFC neophite Jason Brillz. I don't like his "Ed Herman by TKO" pick over Alan Belcher. Make sure you check out his video on the news that Randy Couture is fighting Brock Lesnar. The kid is not happy.

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