MMA's least sexy man is Keith Jardine?

First it was some internet scammer stealing Keith Jardine's identity and sullying his reputation by talking trash about Quinton Jackson on Facebook. Then Rampage left Jardine bruised and battered at UFC 96. Now the poor "Dean of Mean" has been put on an all-ugly list. He is No. 83 on The Boston Phoenix's rundown which is actually called "The 100 Unsexiest Men of the Year". It's based on looks and heavily on what's on the inside.

If you think putting together an all-ugly list is mean wait until you see of some The Boston Phoenix's targets. Jardine is sitting just behind New York's blind governor David Paterson. "Viagrasaurus Rex" Hugh Hefner checks in at No. 66. Jardine is probably thrilled that he's not ahead of No. 44 Warren Jeffs. Our personal favorite is Jimmy Fallon at No. 22, who they called "Conan O'Bortion". Michigan, California, Illinois and New York are all nicely represented in the top 10.

Clearly based on how much game Cage Writer showed last week with Gina Carano, we're not experts on what makes a male sexy, but mma forums seem to consistently nominate Jason Guida (pictured on the left) for these sort of lists.

Tip via Cage Potato

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