MMA and the XFL are the same thing

Gotta love sportswriters. In spite of the fact that newspaper biz is dying a slow death, the fellas continue on with their same lazy methods. The stodgy column from the cranky old dude you see in the press box saying, "I don't like something, so let me take one example, blow it out of proportion and make blanket statements."

Why would they change? The 60+ readership is where the future lies. It's like Andy Rooney says, "this internet thing is never going to take off!"

Peter Alfano is latest columnist to 'stick to his guns' with another progressive story. We're guessing that he never watched the Kimbo Slice/EliteXC debacle but was told it about and decided to produce this doozy where he says all MMA is like the XFL:

NBC tried this gambit in 2001 with the XFL, which was the brain child of Vince McMahon — impresario of World Wrestling Entertainment — who thought a trash-talking football league that basically encouraged unsportsmanlike-like conduct and featured cheerleaders that make the Cowboys cheerleaders look overdressed would bring boffo ratings in primetime on Saturday nights.

The new UFC has been like a bull in a china shop since 2001 and leads the sports world in pay-per-view buys and sports television ratings in the 18-34 male demo but the entire sport is being likened to a football league that lasted less than 12 months. Scratch 'sport', Alfano says it's not a sport:

EliteXC, which is mixed martial arts (MMA) competition. According to the literature distributed by the organization, it combines boxing, wrestling, karate, judo and kick boxing. In this particular sport — and we are using the term liberally — fighters are allowed to hit a man when he’s down.

The most telling line in the hit piece was Alfano's hip television reference:

Whether it is a show involving police, lawyers, hospitals or other worldly activities ... can’t we just take their word for it like in the days of HawaiiFive-O or Marcus Welby?

Wow! Is it possible for Alfano to name an 'old' television show like St. Elsewhere or N.Y.P.D. Blue? Maybe someone under 30 would understand what good 'ol Pete is talking about. Hawaii Five-O? Marcus Welby? The stars of those shows, Jack Lord and Robert Young, both died over 10 years ago!

As says, 'Thanks EliteXC,' this is now what we're subjected to because of the shenanigans behind the scenes with Seth Petruzelli. Every Alfano, Mariotti and Kornheiser gets to write the same, 'the fights are fake' column.

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