MMA used as campaign smear in Oregon

As mixed martial arts moves further into the mainstream, the education process remains ongoing. The first thing that shocks many who are unfamiliar with the sport is that it actually has rules. It is not a Toughman competition or a pro wrestling match.

Sadly, the same can't be said for fights in the political cage. There are absolutely zero rules in that arena.

Anti-MMA folks say that the sport appeals to the lowest common denominator. Don't politicians do the same thing? Throw non-issues into the discussion hopper that appeal solely to fearful morons and you may have a chance to steal an election.

That brings us to Suzanne VanOrman who is running against veteran fighter Matt Lindland for an Oregon House seat in suburban Portland.

Even the state's biggest newpaper, The Oregonian, jumped into the fray making sure to scare people by mocking Lindland's chosen profession:

“If statehouse politics were hand-to-hand combat, we'd support Republican Matt Lindland, but until that day, we urge voters to send Democrat Suzanne VanOrman to Salem,” the editorial board wrote. “VanOrman ran the Mid-Columbia Children's Council as executive director for 22 years, expanding Head Start services throughout the council's territory. That's experience that will serve her well in Salem.”

It's sad to think how many people may be swayed by VanOrman's commercial. How do you combat idiots wiping out your vote because they base theirs on a commercial saying someone isn't trustworthy because he fights for a living?

Based on the increasing amount of political corruption around the country why would anyone ever cast a vote for a career politician? Can any of them be trusted?

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