MMA Marketplace: Video games, secret Shaq, t-shirts and free stuff

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-- In case you missed the ads during "The Ultimate Fighter," the latest version of UFC Undisputed is in the stores. Since my video-game-playing days ended when I rescued the princess on Super Mario Brothers, I'll leave the analysis to the people who know what they're talking about. The good people at IGN say, "Is the game fun? Yes. Is it the knockout fans were hoping for? No." Read their whole review here.

-- One other UFC Undisputed note: Shaquille O'Neal is an unlockable character in the game. Go here for the code.

-- Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson both have their walkout shirts out and up for sale. Rampage reps Affliction for $57.99 (!!!) and Rashad will wear Tapout for $28.

-- Finally, your generosity in helping me raise money for the American Cancer Society truly touched my heart. As of this writing, we've raised $980, and I really appreciate it. There is still plenty of time to win the $100 package of Tapout gear, supplied by Tapout Radio. Just make a donation of $25 or more by June 18 to my Relay for Life team.

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