MMA Marketplace: UFC 131 Walkout shirts for Carwin and ‘Cigano’

Maggie Hendricks

With UFC 131 just around the corner, it's time to take a look at the walkout shirts from the headlining heavyweights, Junior "Cigano" dos Santos and Shane Carwin.

Bad Boy's shirt for dos Santos comes in the familiar colors of the Brazilian flag, but have a bit of late-80s, Miami Vice, wearing-linen-suits-with-pastel-t-shirts-and-loafers-with-no-socks-vibe. Hopefully, Junior's cornermen will follow and dress like Crockett and Tubbs for Saturday night. Buy Junior's shirt for the slightly overpriced $39.99.

Carwin took a more cerebral, inspirational approach with his shirt, incorporating symbols that refer to war and engineering (his other job) as well as quote from "The Aeneid" by Roman poet Virgil. He even did a head nod to the fight taking place in Vancouver by using the Canadian spelling of "favours," though he could have bridged the differences by using the original Latin of "Audaces fortuna iuvat." (Ed. note -- I knew that taking Latin in high school would pay off some day!) Buy Carwin's shirt for $31.99.

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