MMA Marketplace: Shirts for all sizes

MMA fighters come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Joe Benavidez, a 5'4" bantamweight, to Hong Man Choi, the 7'2" super-heavyweight. Likewise, MMA fans come in all shapes and size, and want to support their favorite fighters, regardless of the size of the clothes they buy. If you're looking for an MMA shirt that is bigger than XL, your choices are limited, but not terrible.

Ecko, who sponsors Frank Mir and Michael Bisping and gave both their UFC 100 walkout shirts (Mir's shirt is pictured) offers t-shirts and sweatshirts in sizes up to 3X. Ecko's t-shirts are all under $30, and the zip-up hoody sweatshirts at under $70.

Affliction also offers shirts, thermals and sweatshirts up to 3X, and has a much bigger selection than Ecko. Affliction is a good choice if you're not concerned about the price, as their t-shirts can cost as much as $70. There might be a sale on the Affliction: Trilogy shirts soon, though!

Not many other companies do much to help out the big fellas. Silver Star, Tapout and Triumph United offer some shirts in XXL, but not any larger. If you're disappointed that your favorite fighter's shirt availabe in your size, don't be afraid to contact the company and tell them you would like to give them your cash, but they're making it difficult for you.

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