MMA Marketplace: Save on UFC store goodies, today only

One of the benefits of following the UFC on Twitter is that you find out about deals like this one: Lmtd Offer w/code: UFCTW25 25% off from 7p PT 5/5 to 6:59p PT 5/6/09. Excludes BSN, Octagon Book, Cent. Hvy Bags, Sale Merch.

That means today, and for today only, you can enjoy a very nice discount on some of the best of the UFC Store.

You can buy stuff that you want, like UFC Undisputed , or the Ultimate Knockouts Six DVD, or stuff that borders on ridiculous, like a UFC barstool. Just enter the code UFCTW25 when you checkout for today only, and you should be able to save a little cash.

UPDATE: Reader tbird2340 informed us that the code did not work with UFC Undisputed, but you can use it for an Octagon-shaped mug!

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