MMA Marketplace: The latest in handmade MMA items, including a sparkly bow and a really odd Fedor painting

Maggie Hendricks

MMA inspires arts, crafts, and several other handmade goods that don't fit in any easily discernible category. If there's something MMA-related you desire, there's a good chance you can find it somewhere on the internet. For example, look at the vast array of stuff available on Etsy, the online marketplace devoted to handmade stuff.

You know what MMA needs more of? Sparkly bows. This one can be yours for $9.25.

Never Forgotten Design will make you pretty cool invitations. They'll turn a UFC poster -- in this instance, UFC 107's poster with B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez -- into an invitation. Tell me you wouldn't love opening up that kind of invite. For $15, Never Forgotten will do the design for you to get printed.

Dan Hardy fans can show their love to the British fighter with a feather replica of his mohawk. Buy it for $55, then wear it when reading how Matthew Riddle has been calling him out. Put it on again when heading to Hardy's bout with Amir Sadollah at UFC on Fuel 5. Pair it with a bandana, and you've got a ready-made Halloween costume. When headed to the grocery store and bank, wear it to fancy up your day. Really, there's no end to its uses.

And this next painting depicts Fedor Emelianenko as an angel speaking a language that is not Russian. I ... I don't know. Just look.

It -- whatever it is -- can be yours for $37.