MMA Marketplace: last minute holiday gifts

You waited until the last minute to buy your gifts for next week. You were busy with work, school, training or sitting on the couch, watching old PRIDE videos. You didn't have the money. You didn't have the will to deal with the mall. Locusts rained down from the sky. Whatever the reason, you haven't started holiday shopping. We're here to help.

For your girlfriend: You've tried to get her to watch fights with you, but she says that it is gross. Just when she started to get into the Ultimate Fighter, she was turned off by the disgusting pranks. You have to get her on board or face a fight before every one of the great cards coming up in the next six weeks. Start with this cute and tasteful Hostility shirt. If you're lucky enough to have a lady who likes fighting so much that she gets in the ring herself, treat her to a manicure and a massage since fighting wreaks havoc on her hands and muscles.

Your roommate:You know that he won't ever grow past the beer signs and centerfolds, so you may as well help him be on time every now and then. This clock will let him know when it's time to eat, time to sleep and time to kick some ass.

Your little brother/cousin/nephew: All he can talk about is how he wants to be just like GSP, and he has already begun wrestling/tae kwon do/karate so that he can be the next great mixed martial artist. Help him decorate his room to show that he's a little badass with this pillow.

Image via Cafe Press

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