MMA Marketplace: Halloween is just two days away

Have you decided on your Halloween costume yet? I'm going as one of the Rock of Love girls. In case you haven't, we are here to help. We've already shown you how to dress up as Tito Ortiz. You can dress up like many of your other favorite MMA stars this Friday.

Georges St. Pierre: First, get yourself a red gi. Next, liberally apply spray tan. (No, GSP, you're not fooling anyone. We know you didn't get that tan in April from laying out in Canada, the tropical paradise that it is.) Finally, put on a black headband and take the opportunity to speak in the most ridiculous French Canadian accent that you can muster.

Quentin "Rampage" Jackson: Head to Home Depot and buy yourself a good chain for a necklace. Then put on your favorite Throwdown shorts. While out with your friends, comment often on their bad breath and from time to time, stop what you're doing, look up, and howl.

Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz: My favorite, though possibly crazy, coach on the Ultimate Fighter definitely deserves to be immortalized in a Halloween costume. Start with a rash guard, sweatpants from Target, and a green beanie. Add in a red UFC jersey, some sparring mitts, gold chains and a propensity to yell "I'm out with the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP!" You have yourself a great costume, and Stankie will love you.

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