MMA Marketplace: GSP’s ugly UFC 129 Affliction shirt

Maggie Hendricks

Georges St-Pierre is a good-looking man. I say this not only from my own judgment, but because my friends who know nothing about MMA often ask about "that hot French-Canadian fighter." Objectively, he is nice to look at.

Perhaps this is why he thinks he can get away with having a ridiculously ugly shirt for his bout with Jake Shields.

Do I need to break down the ugliness? OK. The griffin with the mottled background and the too-small maple leaves combine with the actually cool GSP logo to say, "Too much." The best (worst?) part of this Affliction shirt of ugliness? It's reversible. No, really. You get two awful shirts in one, which is good because it costs $57.99. Buy it here, if you really, really want to.

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