MMA Marketplace: Evans vs. Machida, the walkout shirts

The Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida bout for the light-heavyweight championship, happening this Saturday at UFC 98, has been analyzed to death. Will Evans heavy hands, backed up by Greg Jackson's strategy, knock out Machida? Or will Machida's exacting, precise style frustrate Evans into making a mistake? But what about the really important matters. Who has the better walkout shirt?

Rashad's shirt, on the left, is your basic MMA shirt. Black, weathered with a sword and an eagle -- nothing too exciting, but also not covered in sponsor's logos. Machida's, on the other hand, is a walking billboard. Do you want to spend $40 on a shirt that will then use you to advertise? Me neither. Evans has the better shirt, so clearly, he will win on Saturday. Click here to buy Evans' shirt, and Machida's here.

Stick with Cagewriter for UFC 98 coverage. We will have a chat on Friday with Amir Sadollah, a live chat during the televised portion of the event, results from cageside, and a post-fight radio show.

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