MMA Marketplace: Drive like Dana White

UFC president Dana White was profiled in Dubs, a magazine that covers car culture. He talks about his two Ferraris -- apparently, they're way better than Lamborghinis -- and a Barracuda, but says that his every day car is his Range Rover.

Good news! If you have $95,000 sitting around, you too can drive like Dana. Well, maybe you don't want to drive exactly like Dana. He did beat up the Lamborghini last November when driving around Las Vegas, and we've seen how erratic his driving can be in video blogs. He also hasn't always had the best of luck with Range Rovers, as the model that the UFC bought Dan Henderson for coaching "The Ultimate Fighter" broke down on the former UFC fighter. If you want to buy that Range Rover, click here to price and build it.

Thanks to Fightlinker