MMA Marketplace: the new Chuck Liddell doll, ever so useful

Jakks sent me a Chuck Liddell doll, and when it came in the mail, I thought, what the heck does a grown woman do with a Chuck Liddell doll? For that matter, what does anyone do with a Chuck Liddell doll? Stage fights? Have the doll put his head on a platter so that Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans dolls could knock Chuck doll out? But that was before I found out that Chuck has many interests.

He likes to chill and watch TV, but he always hogs the remote!

Like any good houseguest, he helps with the dishes.

He's always up for a good book.

And at the end of the day, Chuck just wants to unwind with a good beer. Look for him on eBay, or at a store near you in November.

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