MMA Marketplace: Become a Mayhem Monkey

If you are a fan of MTV's Bully Beatdown -- and if you're not, what's stopping you? -- then you must be a fan of Jason "Mayhem" Miller. Why not become one of the Mayhem Monkeys?

Miller's group of fans have been relatively quiet since he entered "retirement," but now that he will be fighting with Kingdom MMA, and is the star of an MTV show, it's time for the monkeys to reorganize. Hopefully, Kingdom will let him continue his fun entrances and overall antics, because if not, what's the point of watching Mayhem fight? He claims that he was a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block, so hopefully he'll walk in to "The Right Stuff."

Get your Mayhem Monkey shirt for for $26, and wear it to Mayhem's fight on April 18 in Hawaii.

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