MMA Marketplace: Battle of the UFC 138 walkout shirts

Maggie Hendricks

With UFC 138 this weekend, it's time to break down the most important aspect of the fight: the walkout shirts for the main event bout between Chris Leben and Mark Munoz.

Leben's is by Affliction, and looks like pretty much every other Affliction shirt on the market. It gets points for the burnout design that isn't apparent at first, but loses points for being so generic. That could easily be a Georges St. Pierre shirt. It's available for $57.99.

Munoz's shirt by Form Athletics pays homage to his Filipino heritage, plus incorporates his initials into the sun design. It doesn't need to have Munoz's name on it to clearly be his shirt. Get it for $30.

In this battle, Munoz takes it with the better price and more interesting design. Will it play out the same way in the Octagon this weekend? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

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