MMA Marketplace: Your baby, future UFC champion

It seems like everyone in the MMA world is popping out babies. Thales Leites has a baby on the way, Rashad Evans just had a daughter, Jens Pulver is a new daddy, and Miguel Torres has a daughter who may be one of the cutest people on the planet who he claims will fight. What does that mean for the clothing makers of the world? Marketing opportunity!

That's right, you can get your baby into MMA before they can even roll on their back. The onesie on the left lets the world know that the baby's daddy can take them, and the one on the right keeps your baby's eye on the prize. Soon, your child will be yelling, "I WANT MY BELT BACK."

The mouthpiece onesie is available at Cafe Press for $14.99, and the belt onesie is $15.99.

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